Sunday, March 15, 2009

Salut Ides of March

Salut to the Ides Of March! Does feel like the start of a new jahre (Roman calendar of Julius Cesear times)!!! This winter in NYC/Newark was cold all the time. I think the temp was 22f everytime I heard a weather report. Of course it did get warmer but that 22f was a constant! ugh

Happy Birthday to my nephew.. who is 27jahre today! I certainly remember the day of his birth.. my roommate told me.. "you are now an Uncle!" My parents always wanted a sports star.. and they got him in their first grandchild.. signed to play minor league baseball on his graduation from high school! Frequent news photos and stories of his accomplishments in the hometown press! Many kudos to him for doing it!

Hoping for a good jahre ahead! For once in my life I am trusting our President! He just feels so familiar.. the Columbia U connection, community organizing, progressive politics, changing the lenses! I do think that the administration's work is making a difference. The corporate media, in particular, is yet to process the historical change. The tired ways of looking at phenomena through their alleged bipartisan, jaded lenses is jarring. NBC had Meet the Press and wierd questions from the moderator such as ... didnt McCain say something similiar in the campaign and was beaten up?... Then, Eric Cantor with the ridiculous spin of the Disney to Vegas train. Can only wish we had trains like other advanced industrial nations. The election was seismic, things have changed, and we would be in a twilight zone if the Republicans had won. So this wierd bipartisan... of course, the media is big business and many of the boys did make out in the Bush years. CNBC has certainly shown its colours.

Matt Lauer on Today got on my nerves with his harrangue of Michael Phelps and marijuana. Like my nephew, a young man, worked hard in sports, and accomplished a great deal! In Phelps case, he also has cognitive issues (ADHD) which can hamper one's judgment at times. The real culprit is the one who set up that cellphone photo. I am not buying Kellogg's for awhile. Matt is another generation and time frame. Being around the same age it is hard to accept that what one knows now is not where guys 30 years younger are at.

happy new year! (Roman)
hugs, peace, compassion
Happy Happy Birthday

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