Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mies van der Rohe warmth

brrrr... thru this winter of freezing temps in NYC/Newark! however, great views and relatively warm in the apartment, a Mies van der Rohe building built 50 years ago (1959). photo from May 2007 .. warmer weather at least!

I have lived here the longest time in any apartment/house in my lifetime. Comfortable even with 500+ apartments in the building. Sometimes an elevator needs repair and my timing coincides with building "rush hours" or there are new neighbors who need to be reminded that others live below or next door or that the hallway is not a playground. Some recent Afghani refugees interestingly left all their garbage in very neat piles in the garbage room, so they needed to be taught that most of their garbage needs to just go down the garbage chute (diapers, food). After living in midtown Manhattan most of my life, interesting to see families and children growing up. There are at least 10 children I remember from their diaper days. The gorgeous daughter of my neighbors from Ghana would scream in her infant days when I put out my arms to pick her up. Today, she plays vacuuming outside my door at times in hopes to get me to "come out to play", and she is now in kindergarten! Life changes and our "koffie Club" is now history as folks have moved, but our minimart now has stools so I can sit and drink my koffie!

The Bauhaus movement is now 90 years!
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