Monday, April 21, 2014

Canto 3

Canto 3: Remembrance Day needed for the millions of women and children killed, raped and/or abused from American policy.
I can fall asleep to Harry Potter playing and know good will win.
With American GOPers, I expect another Reichstag fire if they could. Perhaps a tanning machine overheat from Boehner and Virginia Foxx.
Some days visiting agencies, doing placement planning with sites from the White House, UN, VA, OSI, hospitals, shelters, schools wherever the amazing cohort of students aspire to make a difference.
Contacting my fellow socialist communist fagloving athiestic radicals such as Prez Obama, Pelosi, Hoyer, Baldwin, Wasserman-Schutz, Polis, Nadler, Waters.
Still, Where were all the DADT and equality folks in the health care debate?.. well many are GOPers.
my wish lists in the hands of nuns like Network, with compassion.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

good Easter

Blessed to be alive and kicking this good Easter pre sunrise! the light returns. the crucifixtion and death gets filtered from my reading of Dante remembered this song which reminds me of the zeitgeist in a transforming epiphany moment.. so Tibetan Buddhist. played 26years ago April 30, 1988 in the Burgess dj set at the Last Party, the Saint. finding the meaningful is always just being open to it.