Saturday, March 7, 2009

Art en NYC Maart

The Armory show and other fairs such as Pulse going on in NYC this weekend. Following the blogs on both, the Armory show looks great as ever! ArtForum subscriber also I stay up on the galleries. Love the David Zwirner gallery... Neo Rauch is so good.

Off to do my NYC flaneur thing tomorrow but will probably just walk downtown as the horrific 22degree weather seems to be gone and I am sick of being inside! I used to work in the 67th Street Armory and witnessed many a show over the years.

The shows made me look through my 1970s art notebooks. Scanned one of my subway sketches and notes from a museum visit. I loved sketching on the subway! So many sketches from the perfect setting.. the subway whatwith the endless variety of faces, bodies, clothing.. wow! On these pages, I seemed to have seen my Professor Lee Bontecou's pieces at the Guggenheim. She was so quiet and unobtrusive... a great class at Brooklyn College.

hugs, peace, compassion

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