Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dante et Jung, revisited

celebrating the birth of Dante... 21 May 1265

some of my thoughts that I have been drafting on Dante to date:

in current reading of Dante I note the "shades" in Dante and "the shadow" in Jung. Always loved Jung's Mysterium on alchemy and noticed Dante cites the "vessel".. writing in that critical gnostic era of the Holy Grail. Havent read Dante in ten years and my first thought was of Walter Benjamin.. connections/references/meanings. poets of history

b 1265, d1321
Dante a Guelf, of Pope, versus Ghibelline, of Emperor

Commedia set Easter 1300 (Jubilee Year, 1300)
-read Nov/Dec, 2000 post Sarfatti-


Canto I: amazing statement in the woods..
savage animals

II with Virgil....start
“Amor mi mosse, che mi fa parlare,” “love has moved me, and makes me speak.” ahh to fall asleep with the universal thoughts of Dante moving in my head.. c'es magnifique 
identity: Paul or Aeneas? Jung personality 1 or personality 2?  
the divided will

Canto III to Hell, met Charon
Canto IV the unbaptised; Monsters @ each circle entry.
pre First  of Hell still light, quiet.
Reading Dante "Comedy" again.. thank you Pope Francis, no doubt those in the first circle of hell should all be in heaven now!

Canto V 2 o yet first, illicit love re: Boethius
Canto VI 3o Gluttons, in cold, rain & snow.

Canto VII 4o Avarice: weights crush down on each other;
Anger -smiting each other dark & marshy;