Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Newark NJ summer life 2013

Mijn 14th summer in Newark, NJ. Not much swimming going on.. rain days and my leg was messed up. But did make the pool a bit and still days ahead.

Visited a brother several times in the NJ suburbs.. found a good local pizzeria in Morris County. Doing my caregivng. Family reunion on the side of our maternal grandmother, a whole crew of cousins unknown to me, the Croatian-Dalmatians. A whole diaspora from Vrboska, Hvar.

Writing about social workers in politics. Donated funds to Booker for Senate, Buono for Governor, Gale Brewer for Manhattan Borough President.

Good summer songs always!!!

Music background in the playlist for a July 2013 episode of Eastenders. The hauntingly beautiful song from "Trainspotting", Underground-Born Slippy.

Pre-iftar evenings this Ramadan listening to Capital Cities-Safe and Sound.  Listening to Adele, and Layla.

Lots of videos this summer.. "Man of Steel", "Lone Ranger and Tonto", "the Heat". YouTube video catching, seen every PBS Mystery Poirot, and BBC Spooks seasons 1 through 4.

Carpe the season. And Happy Birthday to a Park Ridge IL buddy from Maine South days, today! So many shared years!

figuring out summer songs etal by myself or with friends and/or neighbors. meanwhile.. gotta get with this one! sucha generational thing.. the best song of every summer always and forever!