Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Film/Video list to relate to my family ethics course. Endless films but looked for poignant stories that show some history, role status or crisis, diverse family constellations. For instance, put in the "Charlie Chan" film as in actualite, few Chinese families had the "joyous" family as Americans still lived under immigration rules such as the Chinese Exclusion Act that was not really repealed until the 1960s. Picked films from IMG "my movies" listing:

“A Woman under the influence” (1974) Faces.
“ La Belle et La Bete” (1946) Jean Cocteau.
“Big Love” (2006) HBO
“Brief Encounter (1945) Cineguild UK
“Cabin in the Sky” (1943) Metro Goldwyn Mayer.
“Children of Men” (2006) Universal.
“The Color Purple” (1985) Amblin Entertainment.
“Charlie Chan at the Circus” (1936) Twentieth Century Fox.
“Love with the Proper Stranger” (1963) Pakula-Mulligan.
“Noah’s Arc” (2005) Open Door Productions.
“The Soprano’s” (1999) Home Box Office.
“Transgeneration” (2005) LOGO Entertainment.
“The Women” (1939) Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

Both of my courses (research, ethics) there was discussion about marriage equality. Amazingly enough, only one of my 30+ students, older working adults, mostly parents, NYC, multi-ethnic, has attended a same-sex wedding. One student works for a lgbt community org and has not been to a ceremony. In fact, I have not been to a same sex wedding. I certainly know a number of couples with domestic partnerships, but no ceremonies. Couples with children have legal rights for the children but no commitment ceremonies, to date. Just interesting sidelines to the media focus on same sex marriage.

Once again, students will have group projects and at least 2 teams will look at lgbt issues. The teams decide on their own phenomena to explore. It is always fascinating to see the range, depth of the projects!

Watched "Goodbye Lenin" today and thought of past Marz und April in Berlin. Posted photo of my favorite Berlin DDR cafe in the Alexanderplatz, April, 1987.

peace, hugs, compassion

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