Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick!

Saint Patrick!
images of Monday, 17 Maart 1980! Coldish Maart day, it had snowed on the 13th. Went with a friend to the start for the parade at 54 and 5th, out from the E train. Watched local elected officials such as Carol Bellamy, Governor Carey, and Robert Kennedy Jr en marche! Heute, Council President Quinn is out of sight, and a host of other elected officials participate elsewhere due to the parade ban on openly lgbt banners etal.

That 1980 day, we drank beer and I bought a tam-a-shanter and an Irish flag! Photo of me in my hat. Whoa.. my bushy beard and it used to be so flaming red! Alcohol prohibited today!
Walked to Rockefeller Center where we met up with mio amico Frankie! Hanging with my Italian buddies that Saint Patrick's! Photo of my buddies at the Rock playing with the Irish flag. The three of us got caught up in a large crowd surge so we left the area! I have yet to go to another 5th Avenue Saint Patrick parade, remembering how we were swept up in the mass unable to freely move. Montage photos of Irish Nurses, part of the immigration wave of Irish to NYC in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as a band with Saint Patrick's Cathedral in the background.

Then off to a Blarney Stone over on 8th Ave in Hells Kitchen for a traditional luncheon of cabbage and corned beef! Photo of menu and other media from that day! Later met other Brooklyn buddies for drinks on Christopher Street, a snack at Tiffany's diner; then off to John's Pizzeria on Bleeker Street! Spring break that week for NYC Board of Education employees, so my buddies and I had the week off!

hope Saint Patrick's was good! The luck of the Irish to you! love that movie with Tyrone Powers, one of my Mom's cousins!

Today, quiet, gorgeous day! Long lunch chat about the history of Newark, rise of Corey Booker and Newark politics, with my neighbor who ran arts programs for the Newark board of education! Like many in Newark, we see Corey Booker more on television than on the streets. Why do so many progressives like him? Once again, maybe they should actually come to Newark, take the subway, walk around. Well we are more the Obama community organizer types. Per a Lynn Sweet Sun Times article (on my rss feed) Mayor Booker will be at the White House Saint Patrick Day dinner. Hopefully getting more for the working people in Newark! At the koffieclub today, we all drank regular koffie, no Irish coffee today, yet!

Congrats to Senator Kennedy on his knighthood to be bestowed by Queen Elizabeth this year. In 1980, we all boycotted the UK what with the Irish problems. Senator Kennedy was a prime sponsor of pro Irish measures. Times change of course. Salut also to President Obama for including Gerry Adams at the White House dinner tonight as well!

hugs, peace, compassion

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