Saturday, October 15, 2011

Solidarity with "Occupy Wall Street"

wrote a buddy who is now a Cali bank president about the Citibank event today. Def OWS supporter on Wall Street but ...

Thought of your management with the big talk about the Occupy Wall Street event at Citibank, NYC today.
I used to know the branch managers, did events there. Dunno how the managers could have not worked with the protesters, but obviously need some engagement skills need to be set up. I know many of the Occupy supporters as a social worker and academic. Certainly a lot to demonstrate about, but people have to vote. Thank you for your past support of Senator Dodd!
I am sure New York City could have used you today but all the best in SF, I know my SF buddies are busy organizing events. Great social action! LOL, people usually leave Newark although that is changing!

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