Monday, October 17, 2011

re: bigots in Union NJ

So pleased Garden State Equality is standing up to "Christian" bigots in Union, NJ. These haters are out of control.
A 2008 email to then Mayor Ron Oden in Palm Springs about a "Christian" conference. Mayor Oden had been a chaplain prior to running for office. A great guy and Christian.
Dear Mayor Oden:
Thank you for showing courage and tolerance in greeting the recent Christian meeting in Palm Springs. I have only read press pieces but I trust your judgement in your actions.
I am certainly no friend of anti-gay thinkers. As a part time college professor, I certainly know that research does not support anti-gay thinking. As a social worker, I have worked with enough suffering to understand the problems of homophobia, stigma and so-called "sin" (I was a social worker in the second largest HIV program in the US, and have worked with gay/lesbian young people in NYC and NJ). Lastly, I attend (sometimes) a local Episcopal church with a gay pastor and inclusion of all people (a really nice group with a "white" Pastor and predominately Afro-American and/or Caribbean congregants).
I believe that you greeted the group in that spirit of inclusion of all peoples even though some have issues, but perhaps hearts can be changed. I emailed you awhile ago about white supremacist gay groups meeting in Palm Springs. You certainly showed no hesistancy in looking into that. I think you know the difference between groups that promote hate and those that perhaps one can fellowship with and change hearts and minds. And, if attendees did not, I think you showed courage in welcoming them in a spirit of inclusiveness.
Congratulations on taking a stand. Sorry, I couldn't have voted for you in the last primary. Best wishes

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