Monday, October 10, 2011

RIP Eda Goldstein

RIP Eda Goldstein! Re-reading "Ego Psychology and Social Work Practice", 1995. A brilliant seminal text and paradigm. Amazing writing of case studies. She definitely had major impact as a theorist. She was also a girl who could party!

Of course, I have no idea to the context nor reason, and it was summer in one of the 10 richest towns in the USA, and all women. A friend shared stories of Eda and a friend topless in the Hamptons. Def a European-inspired woman! I loved to say hello to her at social work events. She had no clue I knew the stories, but I always thought what a fun person. What a contrast to the boors when I think of the clinicians who are "all that" with their officiousness and hocus pocus jabber!

Dr. Goldstein def was da big BOSS in social work and I loved her for being a real mensch! Always to be missed and remembered, and reading her writings! I wish I could have given her a big hug!

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