Monday, October 3, 2011

RIP Susan Mills, former United Nations CFO

1990, February photo at surprise party for a friend. Susan Mills, then UN CFO, one of the most powerful women in the world at the time, with husband.

RIP Susan Aug 2011. A year has now passed (sept 2012) and I could write a book about Susan Mills. She axed my optioning for a job at the UN in 1993. I knew all about her personal life and def she protected herself. The UN is an arena! I met with HR people, discussed salary and posting. I then got the fastest rejection letter. I later found out she had visited with the interviewers. Anyhow, She always argued with me and of course she always had to be da boss. Well, I could be posted in a malaria infested place or dead in one of the ambushes against UN people.

I am just surprised that there were no real memorials for her in her passing considering her power. I can only think what is a life. Perhaps her husband will leave more of a living legacy in her name in lieu of the huge rural mansion she erected and now almost empty. She did leave funds for several organizations. She was quite a dynamic lady so it is weird to know she is now dead. She was such a booster for the ideals of the United Nations at least! da stories of life!

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