Saturday, October 15, 2011

grateful for the love of my friends

Awe, grateful for my friends! Sent this pastel to my best friend for his birthday. He thought I did it for him and framed it. LOL.. love you! Told him though that it was #66 of 92 I made this summer. I have so many drawings from over 36 years, I forget the magic! I just love the colours, form and spirit.

Art in da magical summer 2011! #66of 92, pastel, telling a story, Newark NJ; 21 Aout 2011. Saying goodbye to the young adults leaving for college today! All the Best!!
summer of 2011 magical love, Newark NJ, creating some vision everyday! (primarily under 5minute pastels) I love colour!

OF COURSE, another bestest friend I have known over 30 years got a 8x10inch pastel for her birthday. I finally asked her if she liked my birthday card. She said it was OK but she had better ones from me! i love my Dean friend in adventures!
#15 of 92, machines of the corner market, June 30, 2011, Newark NJ

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