Saturday, November 2, 2013

remembering Dad, bonding anew All Saints/All Souls

with the oncoming death of our Dad I found myself reading Dante again.. the wonderful passage into a world beyond the living.. with the passing our Dad now the prayers I say for him and these days the feasts of All Saints and All Souls.

so thankful I could visit the grave of our Mom and think of Dad and our sister this All Saints/All Souls.

in the course of our lives, the bonding moments.. today motoring with my neighbor and brother to the town where my Dad, Mom and sister, now all dead lived. Absolutely gorgeous colors and blue skies after a brief tornado-ish wind storming getting out of Newark. Visited the gravesite of our Mom, gorgeous tombstone but alone sans flowers.. no one left to leave them now but for occasional visitors. It is akin to her family heimat in Chicago, a dynasty diasporied. Just two weeks ago the three of us went to see Dad in the hospice. an incredible now revisiting our pasts and moving into tomorrows. thank you universe for these moments. — going to Newton NJ

a friend emailed the time of this reality.. "I got your message and you are more than welcome.  Please enjoy!   This is a tough time for you and your family and the loss was profound.  You have an arduous task ahead as you go through your father's belongings and render keep sakes.  Blessings and we will speak soon."

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