Sunday, November 3, 2013

Legacies of Mom, Dad...

Sent a letter to a local newspaper editorial, today.

"A joy to read on the advocacy work of State Senator Richard Codey, particularly on behalf of mental health.

On October 21, 2013, our Dad, the father of 9 children, died at age 86, after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's. His passing is so soon, his estate and legacy still to be sorted these days. I think now of our sister who died August, 2012, and of the death of our Mom in 2006 after a brief period of illness. 

The wake and funeral for our Mom included: family/friends, countless DailyRecord employees, and numerous people whom our Mom had befriended in her advocacy work for NAMI. This community of consumers advocated for a memorial to my Mom through Senator Codey. In early 2007, the first Sussex County Freeholder memorial for an advocate on mental health issues was held. I am sorry the event was never covered by the Daily Record but maybe as so many employees supported our Mom. Our Mom would not have wanted all the attention, she simply sat with people and listened.  From this event, $50k in stigma education was budgeted in her memory. 

Senator Codey did not receive recognition for his efforts but the event and legacy has been inspiring to thousands, many of whom cannot advocate for themselves.  I posted a video on the life of Rita Harding Wright at:

Thank you Senator Codey. Thank you Daily Record for your notice of his work. "

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