Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blessings for George Soros!

looking for leadership and perspective on the financial crisis, I am really pleased to read George Soros in the New York Review of Books, and see him on various television media. He presents a very succinct perspective on our crisis citing "market fundamentalism" as well as the low-tax mentality, and the credit frenzy we have created as a society of all consuming.

A buddy from graduate school works for the Soros' Open Society Initiative. Several of us Columbia University, MS social work grads got together in May. I was impressed hearing about the work of the foundation. I have since been reading their newsletter and following their initiatives in the press. Their advocacy work for the Roma in Italy and their conference on the plight of North and West African boat refugees to Europe were particularly poignant and relative! Yesterday, I read that the OSI's collaboration with Newark mayor Corey Booker seems to have brought about much needed funding for substance abusers. Bravo!

I pitched several of my college students for jobs at OSI. I assume the competition is fierce but a job there would change their lives! 25 years ago, I was priviledged to live at the International House, NYC. Another Soros, Paul, is quite active in their fundraising and programs. Later, as a doctoral student at Columbia University, taking SIPA courses, I had my opportunity to interview for the UN Secretariat. I was wierdly rejected at the UN. This summer I received a guilt letter from a person who conspired with a high ranking UN official to have me cut. I knew the UN person thru her husband. I had my opportunities at least although such pitiful drama from disturbed people who are miserable today.

Watched George Soros being interviewed on Fareed Zakaria (another International House alumn) this afternoon. Struck by the civility and humanity shown by Soros. In a world of greed, self-importance, deviousness, all of the negatives, he supports many initiatives that change the world for those most of us ignore and even oppress.

Many many blessings!

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