Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Listening to Chris Brown but thinking about the November election...
spoke about social change to my sociology class last night. The social change in an Obama win, another change with McCain/Palin. The zeitgeist however is with the future in the promise of the Obama campaign. The nature of charisma and a critical juncture.
on the NY bus home, spoke with a neighbor. She asked if Michelle wondered when she was a kid if she would marry someone running for President. LOL, her mother would have looked at her if she was insane, a young black girl growing up on the southside in a one bedroom apartment. Wow! the social change in just one person's lifetime! And, I pray that Barak's grandmother can live to see the outcome. Imagine the love and stamina of the white grandparents raising an AfAm grandchild in the Kansas prarie. Not the Upper West Side, Berkely nor Evanston.
12 more days...
of course, so many problems today. and, there will be reactions whatever way the vote goes!
But, the promise in the USA! Many blessings to the universe for Barack and Michelle!
hugs, peace, compassion

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