Friday, October 17, 2008

Mythologies... Joe the Plumber to Drug Dealers

Watched the debate as well as went to jury duty this week. Real happy to go to jury duty as I like watching the process and I meet people from all over my county. Chatted with fellow jurors about family members with mental illness.. 25% of Americans have a family member diagnosed. Amazed at the stories as well as the compassion.
Listened to the questioning of prospective jurors. Interesting to hear what one watchs on tv, where one gets their news, as well as do in their free time. Rolled my eyes at the Fox News viewers although never an excuse for bad behavior. However, amazed that no one mentioned volunteering or helping others in their free time.
The spin about Joe the Plumber reminded me of the juror answers. There is an attitude of entitlement as well as little in the way of contribute to the society as a whole. Of course, politics is so much fantasy and rife with the irrational.
Excused from the trial and lucky to have been. About 1am, turned my tv on which opens on the cctv of my building. There was one of the defendants on trial for distributing heroin with about 5 other guys signing into my building. I did not recognize him although 562 apartments in my complex as well as I am not regularly in the lobby at 1am during the week. I watched an HBO movie but periodically clicked back to the cctv. About 3am, he and about 8 others now left the building. One guy was hugging the armed security officer. Well... Dunno what is up but in my tenancy, we have had ATF, DEA, other federal raids...
Sadly, life involves drug dealing and other illegal activity. I still do not know the building prostitute who is now pregnant and known to endless tenants, the doorpeople, and building workers. Another side of entitlement.. one just does what one needs to do to survive. yikes

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