Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to me! Yeah! Hurrah!

Reading a prior post of mine this 2013 birthday. Family relationships and concerns have become so forefront. Visits and time with Dad these past two years.  His situation is so changed now; he has a full time caregiver. A brother and I last visited him three weeks ago. Since 2011,  a sister visited Dad almost daily but she died a year ago. The sweep of time is fast and final. Phoned Dad today, he was sleeping but had a good weekend road trip to the Catskills, per his caregiver. Remembering that this is the feast day of the Guardian Angels.

Happy Birthday to me!

"The highlight of my 2011 birthday is probably my phone convo with Dad (who will be age 85 in December)! Talking, I thought whoa I have a whole lifetime until I reach his age. I have my history, his, as well as ideas on the future! Dad and I chatted about him being my age today! He was thinking of retirement and of course living with his wife, my Mom. He has survived her almost 5 years now! He is alert, asked me good questions, sounds great!

A sister cellphoned me from their lunch on her visit to him in rural NJ. thank you! I am grateful to the universe to hear Dad tell me he loves me, the first of his nine children. Photo of him holding me some 50something years ago!" 2 October 2011

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