Monday, September 30, 2013

There will be another dream..

In my Newark building store after a beautiful day.  Listening to YouTube, watching local news. God Bless Donna Summer for all the joy she brought to us and me for so many years. Donna began for me as a gogo boy on Manhattan cable to Donna's "Bad Girls"in 1977; endless clubs /moments all over US and Europe in the 80s/90s. and always the Christopher Street pier. what is more inspiring to our world than (@3;51): "There will be another song for me.., there will be another dream for me"...

I never thought I would see a day like today... the CIA, Feds, NGOs, all the media and tech companies recruiting folks at the lgbt career fair today. It is another generation and time. I am quite proud to have played parts in the work of thousands to change our world for over 40 years. How often I heard that usual putdown of having higher expectations of myself than others do, Times change! I laugh with my brother remembering Mom who confidentially told him I "needed deep therapy" (what is that?); Dad is just confused. 

Today, I saw another world unfolding and presenting dreams most of my peers never thought possible. My friends dead of AIDS like Tede and Frans live on in my head, and I am proud to be part of their legacy this day! Both blessed and humbled to know others have them in their hearts.. a wonderful tribute to Tede in SF earlier this year.  So beautiful to see remembrance of Frans in a photo in the campaign video of an indefatigable advocate, Gale Brewer, in NYC.  Def that I am part of an ocean of dreams.. even in the YouTube video is reference to 3:50 as a distinct memory of the poster. 

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