Friday, October 11, 2013

Death of an inspiration at age 30

Prayers for neighbors.. one of my favorite neighbors just died in the hospital, her things still at home, from very aggressive cancer. She was about 30years, so dynamic. I loved chatting with her about her dreams in life... she came from Jamaica to study to be an industrial interior designer. Another neighbor in rehab, very similiar diagnosis to mine. I remember crawling on the floor unable to walk, i had zero benefits, had to work or be in a shelter or dead. It is a tough plight and gave my big support to his wife. (juxtaposed with the stupidity and judgmental attitudes one oft hears on health). TY universe for my being here to hear their stories and teach these in many venues. I am a tough person with a focused will oft from the love and inspiration of people who fought to get out of poverty or terror and all to make our world better. In NYC, I have known many dynamic people, good mentors, but mostly an older def privileged world. In Newark, I have known so many dynamic people creating in the real world where one may not have money to eat, or pay their rent late, yet still bringing smiles and joy daily to our lives. om mani padma hung for such a brilliant mensch. Video of those inspiring me in my year I willed me to walk again; photos of my world 2007-08. My neighbor who just died was a true inspiration

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