Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Queens Birthday!

Happy Queen's Birthday! Sympathy to the dead/injured on this year's anniversary. The act of a deranged person. The Queen spoke to her country well and reassuringly.

My photo of S'Hergertenbosh, April 1988 with the Koningen crown displayed over the street. A big holiday particularly in the small towns/cities.

For centuries, the day men could dress in women's clothes and party in Amsterdam! Such a non-American mentalite. Also read a news feed on new park signs in NL warning of a cruising area ahead. Cruising in m2m ... sex in the bushes. It has been done for centuries, so.... Of course, if this was the USA, we would be discussing end times, faith values.. I love NL although I am a bit big for most girl clothes (hairy as well), I am not too interested in sex standing in the mud and bugs... whoa....
the link:

I also read about survey results showing many NL youth had their first marijuana smoke in the USA.. not in the legal NL brown cafes filled with the US, British and German tourists).

Issues to share with my family ethics class! Amazing what the parallel process I go through each term! I love it! The students are doing take home exams this week! I also responded to blogs and news feeds involving ethics, family. Wrote a reply to a blog today on problems in m2m land! I have read these problems since the 1970s.. promiscuity, drugs, partying. Not to say there are not problems but hardly to m2m only. Plus this notion of any lgbt community.. people are individuals not a collective. Once again, the family ethics course touched on heterosexual decline of the family, divorce rates, different baby mamas/dads, and I could add annual events such as Spring Break (that has brought swine flu back from Mexico this year), and the usual weekly events such as Ladies Nights.

Maybe I just need a life.. but fascinating reads. I trust the academic sources of course.. CLAGS work, USC, San Francisco State on lgbt issues. Journalism sells papers but knowledge is in the journals and primary data reports.

big hugs, peace, compassion, and a Happy Happy Queens Birthday!

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