Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Morning", 5am Pines Pavillion murder?

hello morning!

listened to Money Safari yesterday on the new Detected post. and a host of 5am dancing thoughts.  https://soundcloud.com/defectedrecords/defected-in-the-house-radio-09614-guest-mix-monkey-safari

this am had this 5am dream:
by the bar with a buddy, wonderful songs.. two in a row.. unknown to me, one pure diva.
it seems an argument at the DJ box Someone in back going through whatever, the DJ seems arguing in the front of the box to get out. Me and my buddy say maybe it is a robbery.

The security nutjob with a gun at my building is there, overhears us and lets out two shots over the heads of all. People are leaving in the lightening up presunrise, the noise level is still loud.

The shooter leaves and we go up to the booth.

The DJ disappears through the back exit of the booth. The alleged robber has a huge mustache and carries a huge bag. He is saying the DJ is "gone". My buddy thinks.. "dead" so phones the Brookhaven LI police.  The booth empties out and we are now asking "Was there any murder, really?"

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