Sunday, March 30, 2014

dramatic not lucid dream of Newark as zeitgeist of the American city

just awake from a dramatic dream.. explanatory although I hope not lucid (prophecy). a bricolage: the intricacies of families, generations, community ties, networks and individuals here in my building (the ethnography of 562 apartments approaching 60 years in operation). A sweep of American history, sort of a Simon Schama tale in Newark (although Newark has Phillip Roth). Newark is the history of Jews in the United States, as well as Italians, African Americans and today Africans. A milieu of Amiri Baracka and the creative energies and possiblities of hiphop, house, music and art in Newark. Catholics in America. A diversity of lgbt homosexualities both in history and au courant. Beauty, meaning, intrigue, depth, zeitgeist, what a dream!  

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