Monday, December 30, 2013

Bravest generation

Brilliant David France documentary on first days of ActUp and TAG. The documentary is playing on PBS. It is so emotional to see the faces of so many who I knew those days who died. I will go back to the documentary to freeze frame to sort out more in depth. I was also happy to remember the passion and determination of people who were organizing to stop the genocide.

 I am in the background of the film at one of the innumerable ActUp meetings at the lgbt center. The meetings were amazing... hours, packed attendance, anyone could and did speak. Democracy in action. And out of the process people changed our world. It was a fight but it was to save lives. The center was in my neighborhood.. the NYC that no longer remains due to gentrification and Bloomberg.

Looking at the documentary I remember that we really are the bravest generation when I think of the overwhelming hostility, the deaths and fighting for our lives, being a survivor. Phoned and emailed friends, one of whom lived with David France in the East Village in the early 1980s, and another who worked with him at Newsweek. Such a small world but the advocacy world of NYC. Pointed out the documentary to neighbors none of who. m have much experience with the demonstrations of those times.. Bravo to David France for his dynamic history, and thank you for bringing back memories of a time, the love, the people, part of the zeitgeist of my youth.

My love and thoughts again to all of those I loved, the people who loved them, the heroic people who provided care. AIDS is also a story about compassion on PBS tonight.

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