Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mad cripple of NY

i respect Michelle for talking about her Dad. Somedays I may be a mad cripple of NY but I am def privileged. Michelle, her Mom and brother just show the love of a parent who took care of his! So amazing! Thanks to her Dad!

Using the crutch as I fell off a NJ train in December. I had an appointment and such adrenaline I did not realize how damaged my knee had been. Had a trick knee already. After falling in the street while using a cane, I decided I needed to use the crutch. No fun falling in traffic but once some passerby was telling folks I was just a drunk! LOL.. I starting saying "I just finished teaching my methods of research class to college students.." but decided the onlookers would just think he be another delusional. 

I can at least laugh at the notion of being just another mad cripple in NYC considering the range of human behavior one sees in NYC. Thank the universe for having my public pool in Newark NJ.. swimming is my bliss now!

But, Michelle's father had far more challenges and I can only just be so proud of Michelle, her family, and respect the love and caring of her Dad.

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