Sunday, September 25, 2011

Remembering response to AIDS 1983 to 2011

November 1983. The first conference in "meeting the challenge of AIDS" sponsors included Hunter College School of Social Work. Year 2 of the epidemic. TY Hunter for being the first social work school to be involved in the professional and community response. (My alum school was in major "homosexual panic" and denial). Love the paradigm shifts I have seen in 30 years although always endless need to advocate, organize and respond. Sadly, I see so many of the sponsors are now dead from the virus. RIP

Names Project AIDS quilt at today's San Diego AIDS Walk, 23 September 2011! Quilts displayed at several AIDS Walks around the world today! The most amazing textile art movement in the late 20th century, and a major community organizing project in our world to remember.

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