Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Colours fantastique

More summer fast sketches!

#48 pastel; Love, Newark NJ; 2 Aout 2011. colours fantastique! Thoughts for my neighbor talking about his wife in the ER, their son upstairs with the babysitter. Hoping all turns out well! Always enjoy the tales of their family! Sometimes run into them strolling about midtown!

and to the right:

#47 pastel; Aout2, Newark NJ; 2 Aout 2011. colours fantastique. I would name it "Daphne's wings" for my neighbor who sat next to me whilst I drew... inspiring me.. but I name signed it already.

An inspiring day talking with 5 other neighbors.. stopping by to see what I am drawing today! Priceless! Thanks much!

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