Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Always remember 3 birthdays: Marilyn, the birthday of my favorite Aunt Marge, and one of my former Newark now in da Bronx neighbors!

1958 photo: left to right: my Dad and Mom, Uncle Gill.. Aunt Marge... Uncle Ed. Some celebratory event.. in the Boulevard Room, Chicago Hilton.

Love that my aunt shares the birthday of Marilyn Monroe! My aunt was a stylish lady. I think a bit of a polyamorous one as well as there were always a few men around!

My Aunt doted on me.. def a perfect Aunt. Bringing me for ice cream in Park Ridge, IL, or out to eat somewheres. A high school buddy reminds me that I stayed in her house when I had mono. Memorial Day always a reminder of her as my siblings and I would sit on her porch to watch a parade go by in NorthWest Chicago near to Park Ridge. Always miss my Aunt who died young, age 56, in 1975.

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