Monday, February 23, 2009

salut fellow commie homos, Obamamaniacs, ....

wow! great comments by Sean Penn at last night's Oscars! Harvey Milk would have been proud

have not seen the film yet as I lived in SF during that period and it was quite emotional. I usually admire Gus Van Sant films but didnt go even though I even had free viewing opportunities.

Four of my Brooklyn College friends and I all moved to SF after our graduation in 1978. I arrived via the Greyhound bus in November. Within a week, Jonestown Guyana took place as well as the assassinations of Supervisor Milk and Mayor Moscone. It was an intense time although I didnt really understand much at the time.

I only stayed in SF until March 1979 as I returned to a job at the NYC Board of Education. During that time, I partly stayed with my friend Tede (photo above leaning at the wall). Tede was a film maker, actor, political activist. An exciting time although sad what with the assassinations.

photo: Dec. 1979, me and friend Tede, SF

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