Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new direction... January 17, 2009

living through this amazing time in US history and I am so happy to see this change! For the first time in my adult life, I voted for the person who won the Presidency! I always voted third party... go Angela Davis! I continue to be amazed by some of the depth of President Obama's comments., his inclusiveness. Of course, I see it as his Columbia worldview, having been at the University in that same time period. This is truly a critical juncture in our history! The inauguration of our first African American as President. The Speaker of the House a woman. Most of all, the widespread organizing and enthusiasm in the election. I still think of RFK and perhaps this is an opportunity to once again fill some of that legacy! That is some of the challenge!
I am happy with many of his assignments! In the last few days, David Medina, a gay man, as chief of staff to the First Lady. Appointment of another gay man to head the Federal Personnel Office which is quite a change from the wingnut ideologues Bush had in there. And, Happy Birthday Michelle Obama!
On Tuesday, I so look forward to the pause in the US when the vast majority of Americans and so many others in the world, watch the 11:30am swearing in. Whoa!
I do have sadness for the many who have passed and would have relished this day. Rev King would have been only 80 years this birthday, younger than my Dad. My mom who first told me about Barack Obama. The parents and grandparents of so many I know who lived through the civil rights movement and would have relished this moment! I have been watching Eyes on the Prize and I do remember parts of the struggle. I will never forget the nuns telling us when the little black girls were murdered in the Birmingham church bombing in 1963.
But, it is up to us living in this time to help make positive change happen. I am most encouraged by the return to science and research as opposed to the ideological wingnuts who so had Americans drinking the koolaid. I do not share the great faith in the US people as the propaganda posits. People voted for Bush twice and now whine and give Bush a 22% approval rating. I am quite hopeful as to the possibility with the change in Washington! The windows of opportunity will be small but much can be organized!
hugs, peace, compassion

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